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Safe IRA Investments is the leader in safe, secure and collateralized investment opportunities – a refreshing alternative to risky stock investments or low return retirement options.

The current economic climate makes it extremely hard to locate, manage, and most importantly, profit from standard investments; this creates a tremendous need for secure, high quality investment opportunities.

Our main focus is on buying undervalued assets, primarily at the numerous counties’ courthouse steps.

We are investing in foreclosures, tax deeds, tax liens and other safe and secured asset classes. We are growing at an unprecedented rate due to the fact that we are able to identify and capitalize on these numerous fantastic opportunities.

Safe IRA Investments offers investors a chance to capitalize on our vast expertise in buying and selling trustee sales, tax deed sales and other undervalued assets.

Safe IRA Investments works primarily with investors who have IRAs and is currently limiting its capital to $20 million, but we are open to all investors and eager to help them profit from these excellent, limited opportunities. Safe IRA Investments takes pride in its ability to acquire, manage and dispose of assets quickly and for the maximum value possible.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

"I have been earning about 20% on my investments with what I have given whereas I am making a lot less with the rest of my money, around 1%.

I do regularly recommend [Safe IRA] services to others and I do it gladly because I have invested my own money and I am very pleased with the results."

- George Schwelling, Investor


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Safe IRA only invests in properties located in the top-performing and stable real estate markets to ensure consistent returns for our Investors & Partners.



After 15 years in the business, our expertise (and reputation) in the industry is legendary.  Working with industry experts ensures everyone's success.



Security and stability are our top priorities for our valued Investors and Partners.  Read more to see how we are different than any other.