Judson Villa

Founder and President

Jerry Guisinger

Chief Financial Office

Anthony Valentino

Chief Operating Officer

Our number one priority is to provide a safe and secure investment opportunity for our Investors and Partners, offering consistently high returns.

Our main focus is on buying undervalued assets, primarily at the numerous counties courthouse steps.

We are investing in foreclosures, tax deeds, tax liens and other safe and secured asset classes. We are growing at an unprecedented rate due to the fact that we are able to identify and capitalize on these numerous fantastic opportunities.

Safe IRA Investments offers investors a chance to capitalize on our vast expertise in buying and selling trustee sales, tax deed sales and other undervalued assets.

Safe IRA Investments works primarily with investors who have IRA’s and is currently limiting its capital to $20 Million, but we are open to all investors and eager to help them profit from these excellent, limited opportunities. Safe IRA Investments takes pride in its ability to acquire, manage and dispose of assets quickly and for the maximum value possible.