Q – How much money can I expect to make?
A – As an investor or partner with Safe IRA, you’ll benefit directly from our experience, expertise and resources. Our investors currently enjoy a minimum of a 12% return. Our regional partners are active in the daily acquisition & sale of our properties and, as a result, experience very healthy returns with each transaction. Ready to get started as a Safe IRA Investor or Partner? Contact us today!

Q – What is the investment requirement?
A – We work with Investors and Partners of all financial shapes and sizes. If you are starting on a small budget, we can accommodate investments as low as $100,000 and provide a return of up to 12%. Larger investments offer larger returns and opportunities. Please contact us to discuss investment options.

Q – How do the properties produce profits and cash flow?
A – The investment properties produce profits and cash flow in several different ways; based on Investor and/or Partner preferences. Some of our properties produce a long-term 12% return for Investors while some properties produce a fast 20%+ return. Contact us for details on programs available.

Q – Do all the properties require rehab or remodel?
A – Not all of the properties will require rehab or remodeling. However, we’ve found that most of the properties purchased do require at least some minor repair or updating to be market ready. Of course, the properties may sell at any stage in the process of becoming retail market ready. Some of our most profitable deals have occurred within days of our purchase and required no repair!

Q – What are the best types of properties to buy?
A – While we’ve profited from all types of real estate transactions over the years, residential properties (single family homes) have proven to be the most consistent, secure and lucrative.

Q – What is the best area to buy in?
A – This is an age old question and a source of great debate among real estate professionals. The most common answer is….YOUR area! However, we have achieved great success in every single real estate market that we’ve entered and will continue to do so because of our experience and resources. If you’re interested in benefiting from our expertise in the real estate market, contact us right away.