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Recently, Pat Brester had the pleasure of addressing a group of middle school students at the Suncoast School for Innovative Studies (SSIS) Career Day.

Pat spoke to his young audience about a variety of careers, the importance of a good education, and the educational attainment required for each of those options.

They also discussed how to set goals and how to achieve those goals.  "Goals that are specific, measurable and achievable are what you want when setting the goals" he said to the students.  Pat spoke about being an Entrepreneur, and using technology in today's world to achieve being one.  "The ablity to create a business from your phone was unheard off as a kid, when I was growing up or using a camera and creating videos from a phone".  All that is a huge business now and kids love it. 

They responded well and paid close attention to him as he got them thinking of ideas of how to create jobs from technology or how to get a job right away doing what they love, using their phone to work.  He even gave them places to go find the work right now.  Like Instacart where you shop for someone or shyp where you pick up packages or mail for people or Handy where you can clean for people.  His point was simple, there is a world of opportuntiy in your pocket, but no one is going to call you and tell you it is there, you have to go discover it, set goals and then work hard for it.   

The Suncoast School for Innovative Studies is a Public Charter School that offers free enrollment to elementary and middle school (VPK through 8th grades) students in Sarasota. The school opened its doors in August of 1999 and was one of 3 original Charter Schools in Sarasota

SSIS is committed to incorporating multiple intelligences, learning styles, authentic assessment, multidisciplinary learning units, and opportunities for self-growth and self-expression into their educational program so that all students can achieve their full intellectual and social potential.

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