Whether you’re trying to earn a raise at work, get hired at a new job, or make any other positive change in your life, your success ultimately comes down to your ability to recognize opportunity and take advantage of it. For some, these opportunities may reveal themselves more easily, while others may have to go out of their way in order to seek the opportunity they want. In this blog, we’re going to talk about where you can find these opportunities and how you can make the most of them.

Write things down

Often times, we have the will and the means to take advantage of an opportunity, we just simply forget about it! Have you ever had a great idea only to not write it down and lose sight of it? If you’re a creative person, chances are, you always have ideas popping into your head. Maybe you thought about starting a sport or learning how to draw. You don’t have to pursue every thought that comes to your mind, but writing them down will give you a better idea of what your overall goals are. Try to start thinking of ideas as opportunities within themselves. They give you a deeper understanding of what you want out of life, and taking care to learn as much as you can about that is making the most of that opportunity.

Be open minded

You’ve always been told to be open to new ideas, but have you really taken that to heart? The thing about opportunity is that it doesn’t typically manifest itself in a form that seems “normal” to most people. Some of the most important inventions of all time may have seemed strange or downright crazy at first, but as time went on, these small inventions led to a revolution in the way we see the world and interact with it. Even if you’re not planning on inventing something, the same rule applies: be open-minded and you’ll have a lot more opportunities to take advantage of.

Eliminate negativity

Negativity is the main cause of people passing up opportunities, and it’s the main cause of people not making the most of it when they do. Negativity is a lot of extra baggage to be carrying around when you’re trying to accomplish something, so it’s in your best interest to have a clear mind when you’ve found an opportunity you want to pursue.

Recognize small opportunities

Many people will spend their whole life waiting for big opportunities to appear only to never find them. You can’t always expect big opportunities to arise out of nothing or you’ll waste a lot of time and pass by a lot of small opportunities that could have led you to something revolutionary. The great thing about small opportunities is that they’re easier to accomplish and they’ll almost certainly lead you in the right direction.



Be patient

It can be easy to get impatient waiting for opportunities to arise, so don’t! Although you’ll typically have to wait, to some degree, for opportunities to arise, there’s a difference between sitting around doing nothing and actively waiting for something. What do we mean by this? Well, even though you have to wait for opportunities, that doesn’t mean you should sit at home doing nothing, wondering why no opportunities are presented to you. Opportunities are presented to you when you’re actively pursuing something, either that you’re already good at, or that you’re seeking to improve at. If you get impatient, you may begin to lose interest and not be alert enough to recognize opportunity when it finally does come knocking.

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